Best Indestructible Dog Toys


The Top Pick is Hard Rubber Chew Toys


Although earlier we warned against falling for the ‘indestructible'sales pitch, you can rest assured that genuinely hard rubber toys will be the closest you may get!

Indestructible chew toys don't exist, every toys life should come to an end, however, many can last several months and quality hard rubber toys are easily the most effective candidates, being the absolute most durable toys on the market.

You could have already come across the Kong brand? Although a little more expensive than lower quality toys, they are one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace for their safe and durable products and also have an enormous product selection to choose from.

You're sure to have the ability to find an ideal fit for the pup!


Strong, Fibrous Rope Style Toys

Rope-style chew toys really are a good bet, especially from the durability point of view.

Their fibrous material is tested and shown to be strong enough to withstand vigorous chewing, while also being incredibly good for cleaning your dogs teeth.

And, good news for busy owners, they're incredibly easy to scrub that is important because many dog toys find yourself extremely smelly after days or even more of being subjected to dog slobber and being thrown around outside.

Look out for cotton rope toys which are typically exceptionally thick, with a wide array of threads, hinting at their tough durability.

If you're worrying about your Lab swallowing a couple of loose threads, don't lose sleep over it as they will easily ‘pass through'if swallowed.


Toys to Avoid For a Heavy Chewer


Avoid Plush and Stuffed Toys

Make sure that you avoid stuffed toys or those made from a lavish material too.

Yes, they're certainly cute, and often inexpensive, but there's a reason with this – they'll be eaten for breakfast (hopefully not literally!) with a vigorously chewing Lab.

Their durability is close to non-existent when you have a powerful chewer.

From a safety perspective too, plush toys are a no-no as an aggressive chewer can quickly swallow the stuffing.

Tread with even more caution if there's a squeaker stuffed inside; they are a definite choking hazard if the toy is pulled apart.

Vinyl and Latex Don't Make the Grade Either

Though vinyl is really a little tougher than latex, we wouldn't consider either material tough enough to withstand Labs who chew hard.

They, too, often come stuffed with squeakers so if your Lab is chewing on a single, watch carefully so it doesn't come clear of the toy.


How to Best Provide Toys With Your Dog’s Safety In Mind


Don't try and second-guess your dog's capacity to destroy as it pertains to choosing the most effective toys for them. That potent mix of boredom, willpower and determination in a Labrador could be destructive so ensure the toys you select tend to be more than strong enough to withstand heavy chewing.

As always, it's imperative to watch on your own canine companion as they chew to make sure no real damage – to the toy or your pup – is going down.

Small parts dislocating from the toy or an apparently shrinking size should make you add the toy straight in the bin – your dog shouldn't be permitted to ingest parts of their toys.

Indestructible? Don't Count On It

Huge variety of toys are touted as ‘indestructible'nowadays and it's simple to fall for the persuasive sales rhetoric.

Chances are, however, it isn't indestructible and might even be demolished within mere minutes of meeting your Lab.

It's best to take the indestructible moniker with a touch of salt, and buy those on the advice of others who will attest to their toughness.


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